The Matisse™ uses needles that come in a single cartridge, which makes them safer and more efficient. For this reason they are also known as safety needles. They are safer because there is no risk of contamination of blood from one customer/patient to the next because the actual steel needle is contained in the cartridge and does not actually touch the handpiece (only the outer part of the cartridge touches the handpiece).

In order to make the ink application faster, most needles are not a single needle. They are usually a set of a few or several needles in a particular pattern to give greater coverage or provide a certain effect.

We have round, flat and sloped needles with 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 points plus our special microneedling needle.


Cliona’s inks are manufactured in labs in Germany and USA. We have a broad range of colors to cover every application you might encounter with every skin color. We have warm and cool tones to match the warm or cool undertones of a person’s skin.

Our current bottle size is 3ml, which is a mono-dose. We feel that this is a better way to avoid the possibility of cross contamination, plus it makes it easy to keep track of your inventory because after you use the ink on one patient, you discard the rest if any. We have free samples of our inks for those that haven’t tried them before.