The Matisse™

The Matisse™ is the perfect tool for professionals and patients that were not aware of the endless possibilities that permanent makeup and microneedling offer. Because it’s a digital machine with a broad range of precisely adjustable speeds, the Matisse™ allows the professional user to finish jobs faster and with greater precision than other machines. Whereas it comes with the longest warranty in the business, this warranty is extended indefinitely for customers that buy a certain amount of supplies over time, so it pays to get your inks, needles and supplies from Cliona™.

The Matisse™ gives the operator and our distributors the option of using different handpieces with it. The Matisse™ is compatible with handpieces from Nouveau Contour and one other quality handpiece manufacturer. Our distributors choose what handpiece they will offer with the Matisse™.

Regardless of whether you are using the Nouveau Contour handpiece, you can use Nouveau Contour’s German-made needles as well as other similar ones.

The curved design and satin aluminum finish of the machine is extremely elegant, while the intuitive control panel with capacitive buttons makes it a pleasure to use and easy to sanitize.


  • Elegant, effective, adaptable
  • Digital, microprocessor-controlled machine
  • 11 speeds (50-150 revolutions per second)
  • Light-weight, depth-adjustable hand-piece
  • Capacitive (touch) buttons
  • Twist and click disposable needles
  • Option of having 2 handpieces
  • Optional laser (coming soon)
  • Optional cooling attachment (to numb skin)
  • Practical aluminum carry-case
  • 3-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Designed and assembled in USA


The Matisse™ was designed to give users and distributors the option of what handpiece to use. It works with 9V handpieces, which include the one from Nouveau Contour plus at least one other model that looks virtually identical. Both are made of smooth aluminum, are light-weight, ergonomic, and relatively quiet.

Both handpieces take twist-and-click needles, such as those that Nouveau Contour offers, plus other unbranded but very effective needles with the same design as the German needles.

Skin-FX™ Microneedling Pen

Skin-FX™ is a hand-held fractional microneedling device that also performs Nanobrasion™. Microneedling and Nanobrasion (a therapy we pioneered) are both considered Percutaneous Collagen Induction Therapy or PCIT, however, the maximum depth for Nanobrasion is less than half the minimum depth for microneedling – so it is usually considered safe for non-medically licensed operators such as cosmetologists and aestheticians to offer Nanobrasion. Microneedling, because it has the potential to penetrate all the way through the dermis and into the subcutaneous layer of the skin, usually requires the operator to have a medical license or work under the supervision of a doctor.

Skin-FX Nanobrasion chips have 64 or 86 silicon crystal points compared to only 12 surgical steel needles on the microneedling tip. The effect is similar to microdermabrasion except that the protective surface of the skin is not completely removed. New skin remains protected but the protective surface layer is penetrated with thousands of tiny, superficial nano-channels that create much better absorption of topical ingredients in addition to performing PCIT.

Highly Profitable

Skin-FX treatments are recommended in a series of treatments that can be repeated at regular intervals. Nanobrasion treatments couple nicely with the sale of serums and both microneedling and Nanobrasion treatments should lead to higher skin care product sales. The dual functionality of Skin-FX means it can be used by operators with different types of licenses.

Topical Serums

Cliona’s topical serums can be used in conjunction with Skin-FX. One of the primary benefits of Skin-FX is that it gets the skin-enhancing ingredients contained in our proprietary serums past the protective barrier and into living skin tissue. Cells are better able to utilize key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen for wrinkles and benzoyl peroxide for acne.


Cliona offers convenient yet thorough training for microneedling and Nanobrasion treatments with Skin-FX. We have both online training as well as in-person courses to suit every need.

Microneedling & Nanobrasion Tips

All Skin-FX Microneedling and Nanobrasion Tips are sterile, single-use, and disposable. The needles are made of 32-gauge (.20 mm diameter) medical grade surgical stainless steel and the points on the chips are made of individual silicon crystals.

Type of Needle # Needles/Points Depth Use
Square Nanobrasion Tip 64 Points .12mm Nanabrasion
Round Nanobrasion Tip 86 Points .12mm Nanabrasion
Microneedling Tip 12 Needles .25-2.5mm Microneedling

Lifetime Warranty

The Skin-FX pen comes with a 1-Year Warranty for the original purchaser. The warranty is extended indefinitely as long as the buyer has been purchasing an average 10 microneedling tips per month directly from Cliona. Proof of Purchase is necessary.