About Us

According to Celtic/Irish mythology, Cliona™ is a goddess of great beauty who inspires self-esteem and confidence in people. She confers pride and the ability to accept one’s appearance, regardless of what it is. Cliona™ Medical Aesthetics is on a path to make its namesake’s inspiration a reality for people everywhere.

Our Mission

Cliona’s mission is to enable professionals in the practice of permanent makeup and micro-needling in order to help patients look good and feel good about themselves, especially after medical treatments that leave the body looking damaged or wanting.

Our Philosophy

In today’s world, beauty is everyone’s right. There is nothing preventing people from looking the way they want to look, even after great physical trauma. Whether it’s simply wanting to look good without having to apply makeup every day, covering up natural defects, camouflaging scars, repigmenting areas, healing your skin or making it look younger than it is, we feel that it should be available and affordable for most people.

A person’s physical and emotional regeneration goes beyond the epidermis and reaches the soul; finding a balance between body and mind enables the harmony required for beauty to really exist or true healing to really take place.

It’s a sad fact that medicine today focuses mostly on curing the body without regards to its image or how this might impact the efficacy of the treatment or the patient’s emotional well-being. We believe that doctors should heal the body while maintaining the patient’s dignity.

Why Cliona?

  • Top notch, recognized instructors (in USA and Europe) Read more
    • Training is the most important part of this business. If you aren’t trained properly, you will do very poor jobs for your clients or patients and your practice will flounder. This is one of those services in which the old adage that you get what you pay for is really true. There are cheaper courses than Cliona’s, but there aren’t any that are better. If you are going to invest in learning permanent makeup or microneedling, be sure to get the very best training. More information on permanent makeup training.
  • Training that includes paramedical applications and microneedling Read more
    • Demand for paramedical applications, such as scar camouflage, alopecia camouflage, areola repigmentation and definition is growing very rapidly. People didn’t know they could do this, and now they are looking for professionals that can do this for them. That’s why this is an important part of our training.
  • Sophisticated, modern, effective attractive equipment Read more
    • Whereas proper training is the most important part of this business, good equipment is the next most important thing. Most digital machines out there today do at least a decent job, but you want a machine that will last long after the warranty expires, one that helps you do the job faster and with the exact results you expect, and one that makes you look like the professional that you are, which is exactly what the Matisse offers. The Matisse is also one of the few machines that doubles as a permanent makeup machine and a microneedling device – all you have to do is change the needle.
  • Unparalleled customer service Read more
    • Call us and we’ll answer any of your questions, before and after you become a customer. We are always available during West Coast business hours, and our trainers in the US are always available for consultations after you have completed your formal training.
  • Complete product line including all accessories Read more
    • From the digital machine, to the handpiece, to the needles, inks, cups, and training materials, Cliona™ and its distributors offer it all.
  • Competitive prices Read more
    • We are not the cheapest in the market, but we do offer the best value. When you consider the quality of our products and the prices, you’ll find that you actually get more value for your money with us, especially on accessories such as needles and inks, which you need to buy a lot of.
  • Refresher classes for graduates at no cost (in USA only) Read more
    • We are the only company that offers free refresher classes to all its graduates.
  • Phone consultations with instructors for graduates (in USA only) Read more
    • Our instructors are available for phone consultations whenever a graduate has a question. You don’t get that with other schools or courses.


News & Events

Face & Body Spa Conference and Expo | August 24-26, 2013 | San Jose, CA, USA
Cliona™ Medical Aesthetics will exhibit at the Face & Body Expo this weekend (August 24th to 26th) at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California, where spa professionals gather for solutions, information and the latest offerings from leading industry suppliers. Come by Booth #1019 and meet Luis Lajous, CEO of Cliona™ Medical. Cliona™ Medical offers products, supplies, and training for permanent and paramedical makeup and microneedling.

The Aesthetic Show | May 16-19, 2013 | Las Vegas, NV, USA
Cliona™ Medical Aesthetics exhibited their line of products for permanent and para-medical makeup and microneedling during The Aesthetic Show at The Mirage in Las Vegas May 16th through May 19th. THE Aesthetic Show is the leading multidisciplinary medical education meeting for aesthetic professionals. The Matisse, Cliona’s permanent makeup and microneedling machine, generated a significant amount of interest and had participants excited about becoming permanent makeup artists. “Even though our products are exceptional, it’s our training program that makes us really stand out,” said Luis Lajous, CEO for Cliona Medical.