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The Matisse™

The Matisse™ is the perfect tool for professionals and patients that were not aware of the endless possibilities that permanent makeup and microneedling offer. Because it’s a digital machine with a broad range of precisely adjustable speeds, the Matisse™ allows the professional user to finish jobs faster and with greater precision than other machines. Whereas it comes with the longest warranty in the business, this warranty is extended indefinitely for customers that buy a certain amount of supplies over time, so it pays to get your inks, needles and supplies from Cliona™.

The Matisse™ gives the operator and our distributors the option of using different handpieces with it. The Matisse™ is compatible with handpieces from Nouveau Contour and one other quality handpiece manufacturer. Our distributors choose what handpiece they will offer with the Matisse™.

Regardless of whether you are using the Nouveau Contour handpiece, you can use Nouveau Contour’s German-made needles as well as other similar ones.

The curved design and satin aluminum finish of the machine is extremely elegant, while the intuitive control panel with capacitive buttons makes it a pleasure to use and easy to sanitize.


  • Elegant, effective, adaptable
  • Digital, microprocessor-controlled machine
  • 11 speeds (50-150 revolutions per second)
  • Light-weight, depth-adjustable hand-piece
  • Capacitive (touch) buttons
  • Twist and click disposable needles
  • Option of having 2 handpieces
  • Optional laser (coming soon)
  • Optional cooling attachment (to numb skin)
  • Practical aluminum carry-case
  • 3-year warranty
  • Affordable
  • Designed and assembled in USA