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About Us

According to Celtic/Irish mythology, Cliona™ is a goddess of great beauty who inspires self-esteem and confidence in people. She confers pride and the ability to accept one’s appearance, regardless of what it is. Cliona™ Medical Aesthetics is on a path to make its namesake’s inspiration a reality for people everywhere.

Our Mission

Cliona’s mission is to enable professionals in the practice of permanent makeup and micro-needling in order to help patients look good and feel good about themselves, especially after medical treatments that leave the body looking damaged or wanting.

Our Philosophy

In today’s world, beauty is everyone’s right. There is nothing preventing people from looking the way they want to look, even after great physical trauma. Whether it’s simply wanting to look good without having to apply makeup every day, covering up natural defects, camouflaging scars, repigmenting areas, healing your skin or making it look younger than it is, we feel that it should be available and affordable for most people.

A person’s physical and emotional regeneration goes beyond the epidermis and reaches the soul; finding a balance between body and mind enables the harmony required for beauty to really exist or true healing to really take place.

It’s a sad fact that medicine today focuses mostly on curing the body without regards to its image or how this might impact the efficacy of the treatment or the patient’s emotional well-being. We believe that doctors should heal the body while maintaining the patient’s dignity.